Valet des epees

This 3rd card (of a 10 card spread) indicates Specific Goals.
Indicates the best that can be accomplished based on existing circumstances.

An alert young person finely dressed and bearing a Sword, who is about to make an announcement. Swords are associated with the element of Air.  Birds, like Swords, represent the start of an action. Storm clouds and wind appear in the background, the youth stands on rough terrain and the waters behind are rough. This gives the general sense of this card is one of tumultuous energy. Swords represent the element Air, and thus correspond to the ethereal nature of the mind and intellect. The Page seems to be either on the defensive, hence protecting his ideas, or on the offensive, looking for some victim of the double-edged sword of his mind.
 Pages represent news. A new perspective and a new way of doing things are approaching. The focus is on unexpected events in love and relationships, messages, motions, growth, and ideas. If you are hearing negativity, don't believe it. Joy will replace pessimism, so don't give up. Your search will have a successful conclusion, and everything will turn out just fine. 
The astrological sign for the Page of Swords is Taurus. A person with traits of diplomacy, practicality and understanding.  This person might be: sensual, realistic, possessive, persevering, thoughtful, down-to-earth, and security-minded.
 The Page of Swords has the ability to find out the truth regarding all matters. She has both mental and physical agility. She is full of anticipation. The situation in which you feel trapped is only temporary. Your pessimism will soon be replaced by great joy, and someone will be very instrumental in changing things for the better.

The Page of Swords has the mental outlook and philosophy of a child, and constantly fascinated with matters of the mind. This is not to imply by any means that she is childish and immature; but in fact is probably the most mature and mentally developed of the four Pages. She may not realize her full power at the moment, but she knows how to use what she has discovered to the best of her ability. Like all the Pages, the Page of Swords will manifest in your life either as an event, another person or as a part of yourself that needs to be awakened. 
The Page of Swords can also stand for a child or young-at-heart adult whose relationship to you involves truthfulness, ethical behavior, discouragement or matters of the mind. This relationship is likely to be troubled or difficult in keeping with the challenges of the Swords suit. As a child, the Page of Swords encourages you to have fun with mental activities of all kinds - learning, exploring, and researching. Enjoy the world of thought your mind can open to you.

"I am the Page of Swords and this is my story.
It's not easy growing up in the kingdom of Swords, and I deal with the conflict by escaping into the fantasies of my own mind.
My parents tell me I am distracted and day-dreamy, that if I only applied myself I could accomplish so much more.
What they don't realize is that in my day dreams I am re-building the entire universe!
My mind is not as "in the sky" as everybody thinks it is. On the contrary, like the other pages in the cards, my station is affiliated with the earth, so I can be very grounded when I have to be (usually when I am working, and when I need to meet a time limit).
As the Page of Swords, this gives me a great knack at discernment. I know the difference between fantasy and reality. Consequently, I have magnificent clarity. This aspect of me is often overlooked by others, which is a big mistake. I should be called upon when the natural flow and order of things needs to be identified in any project.
Because of my association with the earth, along with my sword affiliation with the air, I have a unique understanding of the cyclical nature of things. I am keen on concepts of rebirth, renewal and expansion by organic, naturally evolutionary modes.
In spite of the common perception that the Page of Swords is mostly wistful, my personality type tends to mature into an extremely effective innovator.
With age, I carry a meaningful message of regeneration.
When I pay you a visit in the cards, I am going to ask you to remember how you felt when you were my age. I present a mixture of nervous energy joined with calm assurance that everything will roll my way. I am the dreamer who can apply those dreams with uncanny alacrity and clear-minded intelligence."
In the Tarot, the Pages are messengers. They deliver gestures of spirit - opportunities offered to you to change your destiny.

Talking with him might feel as if you're being interrogated at times, as he fires off a volley of questions one after another.
Their minds go nonstop and they're looking at things from all the angles, trying to figure out twelve different things at one time. One question leads to another and to another and sandwiched in between the questions are statements about what they know that you don't. The Page of Swords favorite question is "Why?" Running a close second is, "How?" These mentally taxing people are usually very intelligent with keen insight. They communicate well, if not verbally then in writing, and their natural curiosity fuels their mental activity. 

 They can be shy, though, or what comes across as shyness. What they're really doing is sizing up a situation, mentally gathering information and processing it before they feel comfortable enough to speak. When they do finally speak, they will dazzle you with their new found discoveries and mental and verbal gymnastics.

This is because while all Pages' element is Earth, the Sword Page's suit element is Air. So he is what is called "earth of air." He wants his mental meanderings to be rooted in tangible fact. So he's going to dig for the evidence to find their solid basis. 

This need is at the root of his constant questions about why and how things are the way they are. His immaturity is usually evident in his arrogance, his need to always be right, and he tends to show off a bit where his mental prowess is concerned. He can be blunt, sometimes too blunt.  He is completely oblivious to the fact that he just insulted you and truly thinks he's offering welcome information that you want and need. Still, he's not too arrogant to admit he could be wrong, or he might need more research, or that he still has to find out more. He'll often question his own conclusions.

As a messenger, the Page of Swords delivers truth and insight, facts and knowledge. In a reading he may represent a piece of info you need, that last puzzle piece that allows you to see something clearly.
His is the way of research and honesty. He advises you to ground your thoughts in fact, think before you speak, find out before you mouth off. He tells the reader there is usually more to this than meets the eye and you need to cautiously proceed, observe a while longer, check your facts. When in the position of another person in your reading he could indicate that someone has a keen interest in you and may be watching you from afar, checking you out.

The Page of Swords could be telling you to speak the truth bluntly, but make sure what you say really IS the truth and not just words intended to pierce someone. Being in the flow requires a childlike trust and an ability to temper logic with imagination. This is my primary message for you.
     Awakening these qualities in yourself can have many advantages. The Page of Swords uses his blade to cut straight to the heart of a matter, ridding the area of cobwebs and red herrings that might lure you astray. His appearance is often a challenge, to expand your mind and look at things in new ways that you hadn't thought of before. If you have been unable to see all the aspects of a situation, the Page will show you how, and aid you in uncovering that which is less than obvious. Understand the problem that you face, and in the process of learning you will often find an answer. Expand your mind, learn how to do new things and have fun doing them. Seek out the truth, regardless of the consequences, and try to become more adept in the use of your mind.