Blank slate

there are rats gnawing
from inside the walls

gnawing inside out

raindrops dripping 
slow torture style
outside the window

my eyes are itchy
in places i cannot scratch

to tired to sleep

am drawing a blank slate
to pass the time till dawn


Between the seams

recent surgery and overnight stay in South Shore (NS) hospital
coming down off morphine
wave after wave
the other side of the partition 
an old fisherman is in the same boat
wave after wave
but his sea legs are probably sturdier then mine
although his case much more serious then mine
he is much closer to falling off the edge of the sea
I still have much treading left to do
his devout wife by his side the whole time
a sweet gentle voice
 overheard from the nurse their last name
Mr. and Mrs. Frail
Mrs. Frail sits silent most of the time 
but in sudden staccato moments she says with much definition:
"Ya know I love you Oceans dear"

"I prayed to the depths the whole while"
 "They are waitin' for you...the fishes are waitin' for you"

He wakes at one point and asks her if she is bored
She responds
"Oh no dear...just hearing you snore brings me loads of joy!"