Onwards Soldiers of Love

First gather,
carry your bag of tricks
forget your thoughts
crush your worries
step outside the frame

(digital collage by moi)


Poppies, pain & painted ponies

Not back in the saddle
The sacred sacrum
has thwarted my momentum
grounding me to a halt
caged me in this bed, in this head
The Ilium not giving me a thrillium

Skeletons on the brain

Feeling disarticulated

disarticulated skeleton key arrangement

leads me to disarticulated canine skeleton

leads me to disarticulated human skeletons cum weapons

( Francois Robert  SEE MORE!)

Residual morphine and morpho and codine drive me deep into google images
 nothing else to do
even sleep mysteriously eludes me this 14th night
MORE pain destroyer pleeeaaassssseeeeee!!!!!!!!

More pretty poppies pretty please

last time I was on morphine I dreamt of rabbits

which lead me to make this collage
Hat Warren

 Lately I dream only of painted ponies

 They start out elegant, psychedelic

slowly they begin to abstract, mishape

 until they eventually peel and fade

until they are bare to the bones colourless

and the painted ponies go up and down
we're captive on the carousel of time