Rituals and ceremonies have always been in my life
but I have long neglegted them 
this neglect naws at me in a very intense way
my dreams intensify 
blatantly reminding me I have work to do

so this past year I have re-introduced ritual and ceremony back into my life 
I have the know how it's just a matter of consistent practice
acceptance that this is part of who I am
interestingly ritual and ceremony, in the most sacred sense should NEVER be documented
those performing or partaking in ritual should never attempt to preserve the act
as an artist I am trying to come to terms with that
trying to see if there are ways to work with ritual and ceremony that do not diminish the authenticity and power of these events
while retaining the experince in a visual/audio/textual way

Old Woman Rock
Healing waters in the dark
mysterious lights appear
Healing waters found high on forbidden paths
bubbling up from deep
hot even in winter
signals and messages play on the surface
i feel completely complete here


Poncho Bear and the Crows

A spontaneous collaborative performance at the farm

Act une
Act deux
Intermission and a message brought to you by Poncho Bear
Act Trois

Playing Catch up

 September / October
some more difficult letting go
 a time of big changes
but also a time of FUN! 
AWESOME friends and adventures
some images still caught in my mind
(well only those I have photographed)
getting grounded with the help of my sister
 walks with Negrita and friends
play with barn kittens and baby cows all day
this little guy is only two days old
EVERYTHING is potential milk!
this is serious over-the-top-cuteness little milky face
the gang, bridge jumping (these kids are like 7 to 11 years old!)

The A A A A Team!
some of my best-es buddies
Ruby-roni and the dog water dish
Rose approves of the lucky horse head I found her

the land and water
the space
the wind
the brilliant companionship