Infinite Benevolence

Four of Swords
pulled as my cross card
meaning immediate obstacles
this card is read both upright and reverse
but this is beneficial
upright is rest/meditation
reverse is healthy activity, circumspection, precaution, guarded advancement.
I need both right now.

This path requires us to recognize that there is no scarcity in the Universe. On this path we achieve wholeness through compassionate acceptance. The 4 of Swords, the thinking aspect of our personality on this path, represents deep meditation, going inside oneself to find connection to all and in turn to find right thought. 

The figure in this card is in what the Yogi of the East would call corpse pose, Sav Asana. The three swords point down to the figure’s key chakras and the fourth sword runs parallel to the figure’s spine, energy core. In the stain glass window above we see a benevolent figure administering to a supplicant. Stain-glass is a signal to pay attention and get honest perception of the situation. Honest perception of what is going on inside your self. Wholeness, for the thinking aspect of your personality, on this path is found by looking within yourself for the solution to how to take care of others and one self.
 This is the "meditation" card. The card advises the Querent that they need to get away, rest, recuperate. Especially after the Three of Swords!

Four of swords indicates that the Querent has been facing mental or emotional stress, arguments, misunderstandings or verbal abuse, or that they're ill or injured. A healing retreat is needed, time to clear the head, heart and soul, or just fix a damaged body. In this case, the stillness of the "4" is healing and positive. A quiet, unchanging scene is needed. 

The Four of Swords is a time of rest and recuperation so that you can assimilate those potential hurts and loss experienced in the Three of Swords.  Deciding you require friends rather than lovers or partners for the time being. Finding people with similar interests and ideas. Solace in the group.
Seclusion. You need seclusion to deal properly with your situation. Retreat from pain, conflict and distractions, and rid yourself of stress and anxiety. Ground and re-charge yourself. Look inward for a real change. Meditate daily. 

The Four of Swords indicates our need to spend time alone to re-evaluate our lives and situations. Solitude, although often difficult to bear, is necessary for us to be able to "recharge our batteries" and rejuvenate our spirits. This solitary experience always bears fruit in an experience of greater inner strength and confidence. If we are able to face ourselves directly and not run away from our difficulties we will ultimately become more alive and more aware of the good in our lives, and we will develop the inner strength necessary to cope more readily in the future. 

This card represents the negotiating mind, the conflict/resolution mind, or the meditating mind. In any kind of negotiation, one must be open to staying in balance and non-positional. The truce-making process is a four fold process that's experienced on all four levels of consciousness, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.  In order for truce to be truly experienced, one must show up, pay attention, tell the truth, and not be attached to the outcome. The results of this is renewal and regeneration. This usually means that in the next four weeks, or next four months, there will be an opportunity for truce making or conflict resolution or negotiation of important issues or with important people in your life.