Soothing Seething

A list of things to do when one is seething with rage and beauty

Leave the city and head to the countryside  with your dog
to hang out with your old friend and her new baby Rose
Sit in partial sun and the partial shade of a chestnut tree
Doing nothing but contemplating the life of bees and buttercups and birds and bats
Negrita...always the sentinel on stand-by
 Walk around the remains of dead burnt wood

 Marvel at a JURASSIC size sea snail!
                                                                                                                 Must be at least 100 years old.
 Stand in ice cold river water until your feet go numb to the pain
 Watch a divine creature deal effortlessly with ice cold water and swarms of mosquitoes
Dream of floating naked down river so as to disappear around the next bend
Hack away madly at  stringy, impossible rhubarb, with a dull knife
yard sales

Make cute baby videos  Poppies, Panting & Rose