Install Restart

Back in Kanata
Straight to work installing Fourth Nature at the Confed. Art Gallery in Charlottetown, PEI.
Pan Wendt, curator, has complied a wacky group of artists for an exhibit titled 
Free Parking...addressing Parks and Park culture.
Been a busy install.
Arches, Arrows, giant feathers,live bee's, honeycombs and a little girl emerging from the art, dancing to her hearts content.
John Greer's cast bronze feather, 9 feet tall, anchored to the floor!
The gallery archer shooting across the mezzanine, targeting a hidden image, into the gallery wall.
Was brilliant!

This is my buddy Michael Fernandes progress.

 The archers practice bruise cause she didn't wear an arm guard...a masterpiece made of skin and blood.
Fernandes building the fire.  Still waiting for the image reveal.  
 Aganetha Dyck's Lobster trap beehive.

The bees will hopefully build up some wax on sections of the excited to see how this will evolve.

My favorite install moment of all time just occurred.
A collaboration between Ingrid (the curators daughter) and my work.

Later we choreographed a bubble wrap dance in front of Andrea Mortson's paintings with Hans Wendt's classical piano musings rising up from some unseen corner of the gallery.