Roi de Pentacles (Denier) (Money)

4th card -past foundation
Broad and basic events and influences which existed in the distant past and which upon present events are taking place. Represents the unconscious mind and those subtle motivating factors which one may not be aware.
The King of Pentacles is the card of worldly success, ultimate fulfilment, material satisfaction, and high ambition. He sits upon a throne decorated with carvings of bulls and vines and his robe is covered with embroidered grapevines rich with fruit. At his feet and all around him are vines, flowers, and plants of all sorts, representing the highest attainment of material success. In his right hand he holds the sceptre of his power and in his left he holds a golden coin, symbolic of his material influence. Behind him is his castle, the symbol of all he has built through his efforts and determination.
This card is the representation of the final fulfilment of a creative task.  
Here we see a King who has reached the pinnacle of his financial power and influence and is able to rest assured of his continued prosperity. 
He is no longer required to struggle to achieve what he desires, like the page and the knight, and is able to accomplish anything he wants because he has already proven himself.
 A loyal and trustworthy man may be too methodical to gain complete success. 
In other cases, it is the symbol for wealth. The wealth may come in the form of associates, money or knowledge. 
As a talisman, it is symbolic of luck. 
Want to make money, be more successful and/or to unite or re-unite with someone. 
The standstill will be overcome, and/or a reunion is at hand.
 A devoted friend. Has considerable responsibility. Responsible and trustworthy. 
Slow to anger, cares deeply for family. 
Not very demonstrative, has quiet energy and purpose. 
Makes a vigorous opponent. 
Practical realist, considerable wealth, shrewd, yet unpretentious despite wealth.
Pragmatism. You need to be pragmatic and play the political game well. Interact comfortably with everyone, no matter what his or her status. 
Get down to basics. 
Learn to be natural by watching the way of animals. 
Working with your hands benefits you.
With Kings, the emphasis is on behaviour. 

In readings, he asks you to take the kinds of actions he might take. For example: keeping a commitment, fixing something that's broken, making money, or sponsoring a new enterprise.

Abundance, security, ambition, power, stability, fathering, gentleness, financially stable, finds the right path, good at math, discipline, trustworthy, control, husbandry of land and animals, reliable, grounded, takes care of his body, acclaim, status, health, inner strength, thoroughness, sensual, wise man.
 Understands earth ways, conservationist, environmentalist, contentment, generosity, upholds folk tradition, calm, protector of the young, pleasure, harmony, nature lover, fertile, masterful, successful, earned through hard work, secure income, attuned to the seasons, integrity, good provider, practitioner of ancient arts, sound investments.

Patient, steadfast, confident, balanced, well established leader, persistence, stern, rocklike, hard worker, tenacity, diligence, practical, earth's bounty, loyal, uses common sense, conscientious, archetypal ancestral wisdom, slow but steady, can be counted on, a man for all seasons, farmer, methodical, primal, responsible, tribal leader, concerned with arts and crafts, worldly. 

He only believes in what he can see, touch, hear, taste or smell - anything else is highly suspect as far as he is concerned. He is a good provider, and an excellent husband and father, so long as his authority is not disputed. While basically good-natured, he wants to be King of his own castle and expects to be treated as such. He has high expectations of family members and may have trouble relating to his children if they do not think and act as he does. This is the sort of man who will automatically assume his children will one day take over the family business - that they may have other ideas will simply not occur to him. 

 When this King shows up in your reading, look at your life. What are you feeling 'stuck in a rut' about? Are you feeling like the Alchemist, or do you feel a need to transform some part of your life into gold? Is this another person, or do you think it's an aspect of yourself? Be careful not to get stuck in the mud. Having your feet on the ground is a good thing, but everybody needs to lighten up once in awhile and stick their heads in the clouds, even if it's just for a breath of fresh air.
The focus is on expansion, media, arts, communication, contacts with those in power or authority, and finishing old projects while starting new ones.

When cards of chaos such as  The Devil appear in a reading with the King of Pentacles, it still means that trials and tribulations are on their way, but the King gives you a special protection from any true damage that ensues. You will still be asked to go through the gauntlet that wrenching changes bring, but you will not be so much worse for wear when it is all done.