The Reading

The great E. King read my Tarot for me.
Lesson 1-Temperance
I possess this gift. 
It exists half the time in me. But I lose it's grace just as much.
This card represents the atmosphere in which I presently exist in.
I will heed it's message and lessons.
Temperance is acutely aware of the passage of time, and the affect her actions through time have on all areas of life. 

Her broad vision gives her the clarity she needs to behave with great care and respect at every moment.

 Temperance also means moderation. This archetype teaches us how to walk the middle road, the path of least resistance, and to be in the here and now...observing the flow and the best possible role for each of us within that flow.

In another sense, Temperance refers to toughening, as in tempered steel - through many rounds of heating and cooling. 

This one has seen much, and walked down many roads - she is able to proceed with an objective awareness about the feelings and needs of others.