And so it goes.
I feel so alive. I feel so like dying.
I suppose both are happening simultaneously.
I am shining and energized. I am weak and disturbingly agitated.
At night, all night, I fall down a dark rabbit hole.
Seems endless.
By day I scramble back up the sides and seek light. Seek perspective.
Moments of brilliance blindside me. But only for a moment.

Deadwood standing, blown away, snapped and split.
Left in the dark, getting soaked, waiting for salvage.
Wish someone could strap it back together.
But its gotten too destroyed and messy.

This is who I want to be. This is who I AM!
Leave the treehouse of security and fly into the uncertainty of freedom.
Shine you diamond soul!
Learn to feel everything with truth and I will ascend to the most beautiful heights.