really need to catch up
so many amazing adventures this summer
lets start with CARMANAH / NITNAT
Big trees
Big adventure
Big talks matched with big silences
with my buddy Andrea D.
This is where we slept
on the shores of Nitnat lake
on my stripy wool blanket
I slept outside under a huge sky of stars
clouds, moon and satellites
The mountains were
  black silhouettes drawing 
bodies laying on backs
old faces staring skyward
a photo can't do justice
many of these pics taken by the great Andrea Dorfman
Negrita scooping any shady spot she can
view from the top 
amazing details and innovations found everywhere
magical moss, light, lichen, roots and ferns
scale down
way down
we are tiny
scale up
way up
we are brutal giants
tree bush
tree yoga
lumbering around the forest in our underware
cause it's hot and cause we can
getting grubby like wild forest kids
swimming in wild bodies of clean clear water
 definitely some of the BEST, ENDLESS days of summer had
thanks for coming west and deep into the woods Andrea
Big LOVE to you forever friend!