In the shadow of our own dust

Magic people
Conspiracy theorists
Horses who speak to me
Ritual Ritual Ritual
colours appear in grey sand
there is something in the water
after grief ceremony
I woke mid night
there was smoke in the room
not smoke
white steam cloud smoke
escape from left side of body
new moon
ash burn draw
orchid birth canals
pelican swallows the segull swallows the tern
in turn swallowing the turning
upside down sleeping running buffalo
we walked across her face everyday
and no one thought twice about this
let alone once
her vision quest rock face
full moon
pre-lunar eclipse
the coven convened
and burnt EVERYTHING
book burn art burn
tumbleweeds we be
tumbleweed spark spits
we saw them in the flames
ash bucket dream
lost and found
found and lost
and again
this tree burl
(look closely)
beside this mountain
in this field
told me:
Works/explorations I did during Nov/Dec 2011 Banff Center Residency