P to the E to the I

So...been in Charlottetown and ALL over PEI for the past two weeks
classic weathered lighthouses
classic red rock and tuffty green grass
the classic, long, narrow, feels-like-your-in-a-strange-dream-when-driving-across bridge
classic cows
(looking at dog whilst dog looks at cows)
the classic tractor
(more exciting news on tractors coming soon!)
to many to mention classic PEI-ish things (potatoes, lobster, glorious rolling green hills)
All these beautiful, classical, iconic scenes are nothing to scoff at
 August on PEI is truly dreamy
But the people are anything but classic
they are beautiful and strange
just like me....just the way I like em'
(more on my new, magical, kooky freinds coming soon!)
Long Live The Garlic King