The general atomic journey

In love with and whole heartedly relate to this explosive stream of consciousness awakening
written by Frida Kahlo in her diary.
These are stills from a 'geometric drawing' animation inspired by her words.

No one is more than a function-or part of a total function.
Life goes by, and sets paths, which are not traveled in vain.
But no one can stop 'freely' to play by the wayside, because they will delay or upset the general atomic journey.
From this comes discontent. From this comes despair and unhappiness.
We all would like to be the sum total and not one of the numerical elements.
Changes and struggles disconcert us, terrify us, because they are constant and certain.
We search for calm and 'peace' because we foresee the death that we die every second.
Opposites unite and nothing new or arhythmic is discovered.
We take refuge in, we take flight into irrationality, magic, abnormality, in fear of the extraordinary beauty of the truth of matter and dialectics, of whatever is healthy and strong-we like being sick to protect ourselves.
Someone - Something-always protects us from the truth - Our own ignorance and fear.
Fear of everything - fear of knowing that we are no more than vectors direction, construction and destruction
To be alive, and to feel the anguish of waiting for the next moment and of taking part in the complex current affairs not knowing that we are headed towards ourselves, through millions of stone beings -
of bird beings - of star beings - of microbe beings - of fountain beings toward ourselves -
variety of the one, incapable of escaping to the two - to the three - to the usual - to the return to the one.
Yet not the sum (sometimes called God sometimes freedom sometimes love)
NO! We are hatred - love - mother - child - plant - earth - light - ray - as usual
World bringer of Worlds!
Universes and cell Universes!