Somewhere USA

Favorite thing # 1 are the big ol' long trains
They run numerous times a day thru the center of the city blowing their horns, haulting traffic and what seems like time.
Seriously long long trains...like 10 minutes long.

But Greensboro and the south in general maintain a naturally slow and meandering pace.

My 2nd favorite thing sits humbley at the corner of S. Elm and Martin Luther King Jr Dr.

It includes a little known fact that makes for an interesting historical monument.

and the back....

Most of the town is historical but loose in it's preservation.
From the over grown, to the propped up, to the regenerated.

(that's my bike!...awesome city to bike ride...basically cause NO ONE bike rides...just artists and transients.....it's legal to ride on sidewalks!)

  ahhhhhhh.....sweet back alley bike ridin'
(as you can see by my writing that I have adopted the sweet southern drawl)

Most everywhere is quiet historical and the integration of modern architecture is well thought out.
With the exception of the VERY CENTER of downtown.
I've of course read and watched and heard about crime and prison...well to be more exact the privatization of the prison.

This is downtown Greensboro.  Hard edged, cold, lifeless, and a looming authoritative presence.
These buildings are the CITY, the COURTHOUSE, the POLICE DEPARTMENT, and now the NEW PRISON (under construction).

But the most amazing phenomena, related to being and working and living in a 58 year old thrift store, that was chalk-a-block full of 'stuff', is that there are many many many more buildings in this city JAM PACKED with 'stuff'.

Of course there are many other nooks and crannies and stories and diverse tangents to this city...as is the way of all places.