and then there was BOB

What does this mean? EVERYTHING!
 So I came to Elsewhere to play with all this vintage stuff.
To create installations among the rooms and corridors.
To stop frame animate it all.

But true Elsewhereians  adapt and shift and allow this extraordinary place and living concept to inform you...not to have you inform it.

Strangers wander in and out of the doors everyday. A sea of minds, experiences and perspectives.
Many meander silentley thru the space having there own revelations and silently slip out the back door...just a little more transformed then before.

Other times there are verbal exchanges and conversations....'who are you? what do you do? where are you from? and lets talk about the greater purpose and possibility of a place like Elsewhere!'

On the third day Bob walked in.  
Many of us made assumptions and judgments...politely and openly...... but judgments all the same. 
We admitted to each other who we thought Bob was.

Bob gravitated to the vast library and focused into a handful of books.

 He set out to the back alley garden. Set up a chair and a stool and began to read for a whole afternoon...laughing to himself the whole time.
I went outback and started up a conversation with this gentalmen.  I asked him 'Why these books?'
He laughed, sighed a long sigh and began to talk.

Within ten minutes I knew I had stumbled onto a gold nugget of a human being.
His intelligence was obviously elevated, he was clear and quick as whip, his insights were simply put yet infitlay expansive.
Our first conversation, regarding the scripted codes within plants, humans, digital devices, the cosmos, etc.  threw us in a tail spin.
 We decided that our conversations, lessons, and interactions WOULD BE my PROJECT.
He declared that as much as he was my project....I was his project.
Bob began to teach me lessons about connectivity of ALL things and matters using the key to he knows and sees it.... mathematics and specifically geometry.
MATH scares the shit out of me.  I have a HUGE inferiority complex about #'s and logic.
But I jumped into the pool of this gift and took on a mentor that was looking for a student.
 Dr. Bob Powell Sr. of the Practical Science Institute is a Physisist.
He is 88 years old.
He is NOT retired.
There is still a great amount of work to be done.
Bob say's that our conversations, interactions and intersection at Elsewhere is an example of 
' ... the revolution of the human species that is happening on this planet.'
We are using Geomatry as a way to explore this revolution.

Bob gives me lessons everyday...and most of the time I dont know why or what I am doing.
But as I do these lessons and have these conversations I am beginning to connect the dots
between war and peace, hate and love, logic and non-logic, mystery and mastery, over governing and self governing, the big picture within the little picture and vice versa....basically how non dualism and dualism exist and inform each other and how to work within that. 
 And the tangents just keep branching off.
Circular conversations that head you into a tail spin and eventual moments of enlightenment.
This is mind blowing to say the least!

This has lead to a domino effect of conversations and inspirations between myself and all the people at Elsewhere.
Everyone has taken a great interest in Bob and are finding their commonality with how Bob puts the world together.
Subjects such as Art, Architecture, sound, nano technology, spirituality, energy, politics, consciousness and the unconscious; merge, separate and re-emerge.

Patterns begin to become recognizable.
Bob is grateful to be appreciated and listened to as he approaches his 90's.
He has a lot to share and offer and feels a great deal of responsibility to pass on what he knows and what he sees.  

Even though it all comes down to how little we really do know and how language fails to express most of higher thoughts and perspectives.
I have set sail on a new course of life learing and exploration.
 Elsewhere is a crazy ship that sets it's sights and sails into uncharted territories.
If you can handle the occasional sea sickness, pirates, and storms you are in for infinite surprises!