I am marked with the stars!

Mary Boutilier Nova Scotia

Past- free falling

Always passed on my Birthday. So if anxiety, sadness or depression occurs on this day, this is why.

Always have an old male figure accompanying/protecting me. Connection to heart/cancer. This is my grandfather!
Also an older female (Naomi??) and a child (??)
I have 8 spirit visitors that assist me. One is a native male named Joseph. I have met him before and I know who he is.  This is true...Teslin.

I have much Native spirit/energy/gifts/healing.  Apache.

Feathers. Hawks. Crows. Beavers. Deer.
When a deer enters from the left, stops and looks at me, then exists to the right...I am on the right path.

Must work with the stones. Dont have them all out.  Dont use all. Cleanse them often.
Clear crystal quartz and amethesty.

Also Apache Tear Stone a volcanic black obsidian crystal that when held to the light is actually translucent.

2011 will be all about energy healing.  But I am still on the fence.  I am still stuck.
I must choose NOW! 

Jump. Let go. Release.

Eliminate DOUBT!!  Have more self confidence.  DO IT ALL NOW!!!!

Have a recent EX.  He is kicking himself for leaving.  His ways and idiosyncrasy will never change.  Romance is still possible, but he is very draining.  Wear black onyx around him to absorb the negativity and protect myself.  I am supposed to continue to heal him when he is ready.  I have been a healer in his life, a very bright light that has opened him up. This has revealed all of his secrets and darkness. A current dark revelation makes my brightness to much for him.  He is choosing to retreat back to darkness for the time being.  His mother likes him the way he is.  She does not want him to change. She actually fears me.  I am a threat to their established relationship.  I am the light shedder.


Everything I experience is related to the stars and family bloodlines.  These two things are my main influences with everything that happens to me.

My mother is going thru a difficult time.  Let her go what she is going thru.  She may need medication.  She will become more spiritual.  She will be OK and I will reconnect with her over and over.

2010 was ruled by men (that is for sure!)  2011 will be ruled by women!!!

I will have a conflict/battle with a specific woman.

Eliminate those I dont need in my life.  Negative people.  Draining people.  They are attracted to me.  Repel them and make room for all the people of light and healing who will be coming to you.

Lisa and I will do something together.  A project, team venture, business (something to do with healing).  Victoria is the sister who brought us together.  This is an important triad.

Meditate More.  Write More.

I will see orbs and auras again.  I used to see them when I was a child.
Must have my aura photographed and analyzed. (Casa Roma-Dartmouth)

I dont need kids.  Yet children are always present in the cards.  She also saw that a child will come to me.  I also will have many children that I look over when I next pass.

Must get a ligit astrology reading this birthday.

$$$ OK in 2011.  Dont be embarrassed about past financial matters.  Let go.

A female business partner is a good thing.

Let go entirely of Father Figure!!  Do a meditation that involves writing what I dont want to carry related to father.  Then burn.

Ask the angles/protectors.  They are surrounding you and they wait for tasks.  Ask them direct requests.  They will do the work for you.  If you do not give them work they disappear.  Fully surrender and release to the angels.

This is a new beginning!  I must fall in love with myself fully.

Although a new love is in the cards!!  Very enchanted.  Sparks will fly.  Does not matter if person is in another relationship....nothing will stop the two of us uniting.

Nature. Nature. Nature.  Spend lots of time in.  Absorb it.  Be outdoors a lot.

Pay attention to music and lyrics.  Listen to the words.  If attracted to a song or is stuck in my head...these are direct messages/communications from angles.

I will be getting a new vehicle. 

Arch Angle Micheal card said "Keep your eyes on INTENTION"
I immediately expressed  my confusion about not knowing exactly what my intention was (art, school, career, buy house, etc.) she said "all the cards repeat over and over that you know the answers just confuse them more then necessary...cause of doubt and lack of confidence."  She said "you know the answer really...just say it"  I said "to be happy is my main intention"  She immediately flipped over the next card after intention card and it was HAPPINESS!!!

DECIDE TO BE HAPPY NOW!!!  Ask for it everyday!   ASK!

My sugar is low.

Stop being a child.  Let go of childhood completely.  It is time to grow up.

Loretta Ryan. Ryan sisters.  Will put me back in balance.

Barb Etenger (Aurthur street Medical Center-Truro) Reiki

I am exactly where I should be (second time this was told to me by a famous healer).  I am an artist and it is not a choice.  EVERYTHING I do, including making things, is an art form.  MY LIFE IS THE ART!

Stay in Nova Scotia until my mother needs me.  Will stay for a while.  It is where I am supposed to be and I have much to do here.  I will return to Victoria eventually.  This will happen around my birthday.  Much healing in Victoria.