Final Card

Card # 10 
seven of cups-reversed
Culmination of overall reading and direction
 Coming to one's senses. Return of sanity. Clarity regained. Greater understanding. Illusions shattered. Bad habits checked. Attachments end. Obsessions overcome. Higher standards maintained. Ending of deception.
You are experiencing worry, anxiety and fear - feeling timid, insecure and defensive. Allow yourself to experience your emotions - KNOW what you really want. Look at your deepest desires and recognize which goal has enough meaning and power to sustain you - then focus all your energy on it. Experience your determination to create something from your dreams and do something with them.
 An unexpected event will take place now - it will be beneficial and improve your attitude, for it will be a definite change for the better. Believe and always trust that you are on the right track - continue to pursue your goal without wasting time, for success is yours in time. Watch for any glimmer of success and follow it through -never give up your ideas - even when it is hard to carry them through. Ignore any opposition - offer your insecurity up in prayer and it will be replaced with spiritual strength. Persist in studying and you will reap great rewards.
 A lack of emotional resources in spite of good efforts. A poor emotional harvest resulting from personal error or natural disaster. A shortage of energy and emotional awareness of your next step. A delay or block with a new emotional cycle. Problems, difficulties of emotional greed or an overly strong sexual appetite. Escaping into fantasy, emotional confusion, difficulty in choosing or defining your emotional path. Envy of another's relationships, not satisfied with what you have or coveting another's partner. Immaturity in emotional or creative matters, the lack of proper emotional or sexual experiences resulting in disrespect in emotional affairs.
 Questions to Answer: How are you overdoing or indulging yourself? What are your fantasies for the future? List at least seven. What are your current daydreams? How are you deluding yourself? What mystical or religious visions are you experiencing? How are you gratifying your senses?
 The Seven of Cups reversed is a card of illusions, temptations, and diversionary tactics. Your views of life at this time are a bit illusory, and may tend toward fantasies that cannot actually be realised in the real world. There is an unwillingness to deal with the day-to-day reality of life, and a need to get your head out of the clouds. You may be feeling unclear about what you are really searching for in order to become fulfilled. You may also be hiding something from yourself that probably has to do with your subconscious emotions. These illusions and diversions need to be stripped away and seen for what they really are. 
  Introduction: The 7 of Cups is a card about choices. When the 7 is reversed, you are beginning to make them and to move toward action.
General: In general the reversed 7 of Cups says that you are making the choices that need to be made and are moving toward concrete and important action. Trust your gut; you've probably already realized that you have to start somewhere. Do so, and you will thrive.

Work: When the reversed 7 of Cups appears in a work context, you may need to watch out for someone in your environment who tends to take unnecessary risks and who may be less than truthful. Believe in yourself, if you sense something is wrong, it probably is.
Love: When is comes to love, this card in reverse says that you have finally gotten very clear about what you want and need from love, and are ready to take steps to make it happen. Follow your instincts. There is nothing wrong with making your feelings clear to someone that you care for. You may be very pleasantly surprised at their reaction. It's better to take action sometimes than to spend your life in dreaming about "what if?" Again, trust your gut. If you think (and have evidence) that someone is not treating you right, then they aren't.
Finances: In general the reversed 7 of Cups says that this is a time to be cautious with money, not to gamble. Yes, there are a million choices about what to do with your hard earned cash, but the energy of this time says that prudence and safety should be your overriding principals. You have or will shortly be making some important financial decisions. Decide, then follow through.
Health: The 7 of Cups reversed says that you have begun to realize what you can do to better support your health; you should have at least one or 2 very clear ideas. Trust them, (provided your health care providers agree) and stop thinking; the time for action is now.
Spirituality: You may be in the process of recovering from some spiritual trial. This is a time to take the actions that you know in your heart and soul that you must take, whether that's forgiving yourself, forgiving others, or meditation. The answers you seek are within you. Find them, and take action.