It came & went

"The blacker the night, the more brilliant the sunrise."

Snippets of Hurricane Earl from my POV.

Hunkered down at home alone and had an emotional hurricane of my own.
Left both the front and back door open so the wind could whip thru the house. 
Cleanse out dreary energy to make space for fresh energy.

Power down.  Candle lit dinner.  A night walk through a blackened city.

This morning I swept the leaves out of the hall and back room.
Picked up the pieces. And stepped out into a cool, bright, clear day.  
A wander thru Point Pleasant Park lead me to a patch of young maple shoots flashing their glistening silver backsides.

Like the ruins I was run down but secure in my place.  Full of character and potential and history and alive with regeneration.

Stripped bare, standing tall, among a camas blue sky.