Still in the water

Funny that my first post, Adrift, had me saying that I needed to get out of the water. 
The last few days in Halifax hit record heat highs. All I want to do is be in the water! 
Big waves happening because a hurricane is on it's way. 

So off to Lawrence Town Beach with big waves....pounders!
This photo makes it look so innocent.  But I just couldn't do justice to the waves.
 Nothing like staying-in-the-water-till-after-dark-till-your-weak-in-the-knees-because you're-so-tired- but-don't-realize-it-because-your-adrenaline-is-running-on-overdrive, to wake you up and feel truly alive!
 Waves and water have this amazing way of realign your body and soul.

More berry picking.  Huckleberries.  

As you can see I am thick in the seductions of summer!