Starting simple / Simply starting

So much to say. Must start from where I am right now. The simple things that keep pulling me to the present moment.  
Keeping me in awe of the abundance of life.savoring the last days of summer. 


Rambling through the bramble to discover the sweetest fruit.  A mixture of pain and pleasure.

Getting caught up in the thorns I think of the Prince who defeats a forest of prickly brambles to save a maiden in distress.  Maybe she didn't want to be saved?  Maybe she was just pretending to be asleep? Maybe between naps she was busy making jam and cake from the berries she picked everyday. 
The Princess was probably royally pissed that her 'knight in shining armor' crushed her garden of delights.

I am definitely happiest wildcrafting....berries, mushrooms, mint, bay leaf, clover.  Time slips away and I become wild once again.