Ode to Elsewhere Part Uno

A few images of all the extraordinary works and re-workings inside Elsewhere
Was a visually stimulating, tactile environment to call home for a month.
But time is relative and one month literately felt like one lifetime!

 a couple of traces a left on the bedroom wall


Ode to Elsewhere Part duex

You know how it is
how in even a month...in a single blip of time
one can fall in love with those around them?
god love our eccentricities
 and god love america
but seriously...god love all us creative kooks killing it under the radar
even Biscuitville can be a place for the meeting of the minds
early morning awe on the elevated spiritual intelligence of Islamic tile patterning
 constant cogitations and doings and goings on
 and revelations
 and missing links
 more research needed
 just getting it done (and looking sexy doing it!)
 saucy dissertations
consult the I-Brain
and dont forget to drink plenty of water
it's fucking hot out
and we keep poking the analytical poker into the burning embers of endless thought
at risk of getting burnt
 but all those sparks are so fucking brilliant
 and dont
 forget to
work your thing all along the way sisters and brothers!
 stay up late and ruminate
 make your head spin at the state of things
tell stories, make myths, and conclude nothing
and no matter WHAT....dont forget to go jump in the lake
and shock yourself back into what is real
water, sky, tree, dirt
 Nick found a toad in the hole

 all these
and of course, as per my ways since childhood, the pups, always the pups
This is Maggie and Patches, neighbor Dave's dogs
they were first thing in the morning coffee and toast buddies
and sometimes walking buddies
 goodnight friends new, old and eternal
see you down the road


Truth and Interpretation

It all starts off so simply. Two point on a page. A relationship of any two entities. Beautifuly simple.
But, inevetably two more points are created, then 4, then 6, and so on, infinitely.
This pattern making, this circular proccess, these circular conversations, this existential spiraling.
This communal creative environment, living and loving and bitching 
Together, alone, meander, crossover, come together, laugh, ignore, hide, emerge.
 Heat waves. It's too hot but we all keep touching the burner to see what will happen.
Mind bending, expansive, confusing as fuck, brilliant.
Constant cogitation.
Finding Connectivity in Complexity.
 Attempting to eliminating judgment along the way.